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Easy and precise drilling

intelliDRILL is designed for highly dynamic positioning applications (jump-and-shoot), such as ultra-fast and precise drilling of circuit-board vias. Jump-and-shoot's typical jump distances of a few millimeters can result in multi-kHz jump frequencies.

To achieve such high dynamics at the required precision, the scanners are equipped with a digital encoder and optimized servo. Water cooling of the electronics and galvanometer scanners is standard.

For typical use with CO2 lasers, the large 20 or 30 mm apertures enable very small spots and thus the tiniest hole diameters.

Integrated remote monitoring functionality

intelliDRILL system users additionally gain all advantages of iDRIVE technology provisions for real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics of key operational states, and process optimization via process simulation.

Various dynamics settings are possible, too.

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