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the new premium scanning standard

SCANLAB's excelliSCAN scan head sets new high-end standards for meeting the most challenging demands. Its groundbreaking SCANahead control technology and field-proven dynAXISse digital-encoder galvanometers attain previously unreachable dynamic performance and precision. This translates to enormous gains in productivity and process accuracy.

Innovative excelliSCAN design features:

New SCANahead control

  • Full utilization of scanner dynamics for higher throughput
  • No unwanted necking effects when rapidly processing circles
  • Universal tuning optimized for all applications

dynAXISse digital-encoder galvanometers

  • Maximum linearity and minimum position noise ensure highest positioning accuracy
  • High long-term stability even with ambient temperature fluctuations and 24/7-operation

Housing innovations

  • Enhanced thermal management for higher load resilience

  • Variant with active air cooling available for applications that don't allow water as a coolant
  • Increased tightness (IP66) and robustness

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