SuperSync: Synchronization for Lasers

When scan speeds improve pulse timing becomes more crucial. Operating a laser at e.g. 1 MHz introduces a writing time uncertainty of 1 µs. At a scan speed of e.g. 50 m/s this timing uncertainty results in a position jitter of 50 µm. 

To handle the timing jitter SCANLAB developed proprietary SuperSync controls enabling high scan speeds without compromising spot placement accuracy. The SuperSync option reduces position jitter for MOPA laser system architectures by a factor of 10 to 50 (repetition accuracy <3 µm standard deviation).

Laser Connection

SuperSync demands a certified interface with the incorporated laser and is available for

LUMENTUM Duetto / Fuego / Picoblade (ps laser)
COHERENT Hyperrapid (ps laser)
TRUMPF TruMicro 5xxx (ps laser)
AMPHOS 150W (ps laser)
AMPLITUDE SYSTEMS Satsuma / Tangor (fs laser)
ESKPLA Atlantic (ps laser)
LIGHT CONVERSION Pharos (fs laser)
SPECTRA PHYSICS Quasar (ns laser)
SPECTRA PHYSICS VGEN-ISP-POD-30 / 50 / 75w (ns laser)
EDGEWAVE xPX200-1-GF (ps laser)


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