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High-Speed Polygon Scanner Systems

Ultra-short-pulse (USP) lasers are advantageous for maximum-precision micro processing of diverse materials because cold ablation allows particularly fine, targeted material removal. To achieve industrial-scale productivity, USP lasers shall be combined with ultra-fast scanners such as polygon scanner systems. Polygon scanners are ideally suited for line-oriented full-surface processing of workpieces – at fine resolutions and with freely definable patterns and structures. Thanks to their high speed, these systems can drastically reduce material processing times.

Applications range from structuring wafers, touchscreen surfaces or solar cells, to micro-drilling and processing of electronic components, glass and plastics, as well as sensor manufacturing. 

SCANLAB together with its associated company Next Scan Technology offers a wide range of polygon scanner systems (with or without additional galvanometers) allowing application specific customization for optimum efficiency.

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