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Lasers Facilitate the Future

The electronics industry's drive toward miniaturization has been particularly rapid during the past two decades. Many applications and products only became feasible due to new fabrication and bonding techniques, e.g. laser technology (which will continue its current leading role).

Typical laser applications:

  • Laser cutting of glass, ceramics and plastics
    e.g. for housings and other components with no-post-processing cut edges

  • Laser micro-structuring
    of semiconductors, glass, displays and other electronic components

  • Laser micro-drilling (microvias)
    of electronic components , e.g. HDI (high density interconnect) circuit boards

  • Laser direct structuring
    e.g. laser pre-treatment of plastic injection molded parts for generating integrated electrical connections and switches for  3D MIDs (molded interconnected devices)

  • Laser soldering
    for selective soldering of electronic components

  • Laser marking
    environmentally friendly and durable marking of cables, electronic components, PCBs, wavers and numerous other component types and materials

  • Laser trimming (laser compensation)
    of resistors and capacitors

Learn more about our scan systems that you can use for the above-mentioned applications.

As an OEM partner, SCANLAB manufactures the core technologies in laser processing machines, but doesn't supply complete systems.

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