3D Scan Systems

intelliWELD intelliWELD®
While a robot guides the scan system along a part's contour, the intelliWELD® quickly and accurately moves and fine-positions the laser spot.
powerSCAN powerSCAN, powerSCAN i
Scan systems of this product line enable new applications in the multi-kW laser power range. Large working fields and volumes are achievable together with small spot diameters. The modular design of powerSCAN 50/50i and 70/70i allows easy exchange of individual components.
varioSCAN varioSCAN, varioSCANde i
varioSCAN focusing units dynamically vary the focal length and thereby extend scan heads into versatile 3D scan systems.
The varioSCANFLEX enables continuous variation of the image field size.
The varioSCANde® offers double the maximum travel and much lower tracking error and the possibility to exploit such intelliSCAN® features as real-time querying of the current position, other parameters and status data.


For all our scan systems we offer mirrors and optics for different wavelengths, laser powers and working distances, different electronic interfaces, different dynamic tunings, and often also different cooling variants and mechanical designs. The large number of possibilities ensure that you receive a system tailored exactly for your needs. internal linkWe are always happy to advise you on the available options.

Application-specific scan solutions

For special applications, SCANLAB develops and produces customer-specific scan solutions:

  • specific firmware and software,
  • housings for special environments,
  • customer-specific designs,
  • scan solutions for extreme precision, speed or laser power,
  • scan solutions for medical applications,
  • systems for image processing,
  • systems with several scan heads,
  • systems with special calibration,
  • customer-specific accessories

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